For years we have been immersed in delivering products and solutions that support large corporate enterprises in the Retail Industry. We are now focused on supporting our customers and partners with emerging Industry 4.0 initiatives - with special emphasis on dynamic solutions utilizing the Industrial Internet with IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing.

Intel now offers the Intel-IOT gateway

Intel indicates that "Businesses deploying Intel IoT Gateway Technology solutions can quickly establish and future-proof their IoT strategy, connect legacy and new systems, help data flow securely between edge devices and the cloud,...For a detailed review of Intel's IoT gateway, See Here

  • Stated Features include:
  • Edge performance for near-realtime data analytics
  • Security for Trusted Data from Edge to Cloud
  • Scalability and Manageability
  • Multiple Operating System Choices
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Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology. Our interest is in Cello - the BlockChain-As-A-Service project. More Here

See: Apr 18, 2017
MIT Technology: The Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Shaking Up Much More Than Money

The Supply Chain & Logistics industry may see major advances in maritime shipping with a recent BlockChain initiative.

See: Mar 5 , 2017
Maersk and IBM Unveil First Industry-Wide Cross-Border Supply Chain Solution on Blockchain
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According to the 'Partnership on AI' update Jan 2017, "Apple has joined the Partnership on AI as a founding member. The company has been involved and collaborating with the Partnership since before it was first announced and is thrilled to formalize its membership alongside Amazon, Facebook, Google/DeepMind, IBM, and Microsoft." For more info: See



18 April 2017


The Emerfin Radar for Emerging Markets Retail is a Knowledge Engineering product that uses AI to analyze retail organizations in 19 emerging markets.

Our pipeline of products is filled with ideas spawned from all core solutions and services we offer. Using a DevOps methodology variant called FactOps, we bring a factory-like approach to product development with trained Agile teams that have a variety of skill sets and industry experience.

Our research in micro-power self-healing mesh networks with telemetry is proving to be an enabling factor in our quest to provide next-generation Logistics 4.0 solutions using ubiquitous device gateways and featuring thousands of mesh connected devices. Of particular interest is the 802.15.4 spectrum of IoT capable sensors. The next generation Sensors-As-A-Service is well illustrated in the book "Advances on to the Internet of Things" edited by Salvatore Gaglio and Giuseppe Lo Re

The Thunderboard React Developer Kit from Silicon Labs

Our interest in Shrinkage Control within large warehouse and store room inventory areas is Powered by  the belief that holistic solutions are needed that take into account social and cultural patterns as well as training, compensation and economic conditions. We are interested in using an AI driven cognitive approach to predicting shrink 'spikes' by location and offering a proactive and deterministic solution to employee shrink deterrence, environmenta l conditions, handling, and packaging.

Areas of Shrink control that can be addressed using an ecosystem of meshed digital and optical sensors, temperature and movement sensors, RFID, and IoT concentrators/gateways:

  • Perishables
  • Employee misappropriation
  • Mislabeling
  • Mishandling
  • Theft

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