Our mission is to create technology enabled business solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses seeking to gain competitive advantages and develop lasting business values in the Consumer Industry. Our goal is to develop a

portfolio of digital transformation capabilities; products, solutions and advisory services

, that build on emerging digital and sensor based technologies, and successfully address the key market challenges to profitability and business model relevance. Our aim is to bring

Machine Learning and Automated Design making

to the benefit of business, to augment and strengthen

human intelligence and business controls

, rather than replace them.


We see Block Chain integration solutions

developing rapidly driven by the significant opportunities to reduce ‘end to end’ costs, increase transparency of operations, and support new sources of customer value. Our focus is to develop Block Chain integration capabilities with

Artificial Intelligence engines

to deliver new services that businesses can bring to market in a very short time period

We see proactive, adaptive and predictive reasoning

becoming the core guidance and monitoring systems for businesses needing to harness large pools of big data to differentiate their products and service offering. Equally, this reasoning needs to be embedded in rapid prototyping, market testing and development curated by agile delivery teams, enabled by a DevOps environment

We see Industry 4.0 adoption

initiatives with the emerging Industrial Internet growing rapidly and creating new business model opportunities across today’s established Value chains. We believe we have a role to play in supporting next-generation digitisation and IOT initiatives that will propel the

Industrial Internet

to be adopted and utilised seamlessly within a business organisation and it’s ecosystem

We are a team of solution builders and design thinkers, leading engineers and software experts who have spent many years delivering rapid value and successful business outcomes to a wide range of consumer industry companies; large, mid-sized and start up businesses.

We have a global presence to ensure we can understand and leverage new ideas, solutions, services and delivery models, enabling us to bring to our clients solutions that fit their scale and strategy