EquiNordic ApS, Equity Investment and Technology Partnership with Dock2Cloud Ltd.

EquiNordic ApS, Denmark, today announced at its Shareholder Conference that it has conducted an Equity Investment and Technology Partnership with Dock2Cloud Ltd., UK - the leading multi- Cloud + multi-Data Center Containerized Application Deployment Framework (CADF) for Enterprise Integration.

“We now take CI/CD initiatives to a new level of Secure Containerized Operations with the ability to manage thousands of containerized applications and microservices across multiple Cloud Vendors and Data Centers said VJ Velu, Group Managing Director at EquiNordic” He stated that large global footprint organizations find themselves challenged to operate and support applications in existing On-Prem environments as well as emerging Cloud landscapes while retaining Command & Control ability, Monitoring, Governance, Security and fluid regional upgrades. Dock2Cloud will be the leading Autonomous Deployment and Orchestration Co-Pilot that every enterprise is seeking, he added.

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Onkar Shoker, Managing Director and Founder of Dock2Cloud indicated his excitement on seeing a long journey of innovation come to fruition with the EquiNordic Group’s capability and enthusiasm to support the Dock2Cloud Product portfolio globally. “We are on the cusp of a breakthrough in Multi- Cloud/Multi DC infrastructure services for Application Management” he said and reiterated that the next few years will see a rapid shift to singular, centralized Operations-Control of massive containerized deployments across an enterprise landscape spanning several countries and supported by DevSecOps teams in multiple time zones.

Internally, EquiNordic will use Dock2Cloud to deploy the Block enRoll™ service suite from Turret Labs – A fully containerized Next Generation Block Chain-as-a-Service framework offering for Manufacturing and Retail.

The EquiNordic Group of companies is headquartered in Denmark with support teams and offices in Scandinavia, Central Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Dock2Cloud is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

For further information contact: sales@EquiNordic.com